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8 Ways To Earn Money Online In Student Life

Nowadays, students can find a many kinds of jobs on website and work through that to generate extra income. You use your skills to find different online jobs, or learning new skills. If you are a student and want to do a online work and earning money through it. then, in this article I’ll tell you 8 best ways to earn money online as a student.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the best and Genuine work for the students. It’s all about depending upon your skills. If you haven’t Skill then this job is may be not for you. But you have some skill then you can easily do this work and earn good money.

If you have Skill like content writing, video editing,web development,etc then you can earn a good amount from freelancing. In simple language, this job is depends upon your skill. if you have good Skill and high demanded Skills. then, you can easily earn thousand of $ from it.

If you are interested in writing article then you can earn money on hourly can write article in many languages like hindi, English, nepali and many more. But English content have more demand. If you have problem in English then you can use some website or any site to improve your English.

Content writing will give you Hourly rate according to your English and skills. So, first focus on learning and improving your self in any skills.

Data Entry

Data entry is a easy job where students can work if they have typing skills and good In Computer. If your typing is fast then this job will be very easy for you. Data entry is a type of job where you have to collect the data of any document, website, information,etc.

As a student you can work in data entry in hourly basis. If you have good knowledge in data entry then you can earn 10$ to 50$per hour.

Translation Job

If you belongs to india but your English is poor then you can translate your hindi into English to earn Money. Translation job is very easy and too simple work. It rate is may be less but you can even earn good amount by giving less effort.

Translation job where some client hire you to translate their language into English. Suppose, your client is from Africa and their article is in African language then you can work for him to Change that language into English language.

Captcha Fill Up

If you are a student then this job is really amazing and too much Easy. Lot’s of website are hiring people completing their task to Fill captcha. It’s easy task, if you fill or completing 1000 captcha then you can easily Earn 10$ to 50$. Earning By completing captcha is easy and Normal works for students.

As a Student, you can do this job in your free time as hourly rate.

Tutoring Online

As a student, there are more than 10 reputable online tutoring jobs. You can earn money online through teaching the students. There are lots of website where you can sell or put your Course or notes to earn money.

You will need a Skype account & a good internet connection. You can teach some students and earn good amount of Money. If you hire or teaching 10 student and if they paid 10$ per student then you can easily earn 100$ per month. But if you can teach more students then you can earn more money.

Some website where you can teaching students :



Tutors Home

Selling Online

Students can not only sell their old Books or unwanted things. You can earn money through selling some products. If you have old notes or book then you can earn good amount of Money by selling that. You can even Work for some company and sell their products online. Lots of students doing this job and earn good amount of commission.


Nowadays, YouTube is one of the big platform On social media. The total users of YouTube Is more than 10 billion.And the active users of YouTube is 2 billion+ nowadays, lot’s of YouTuber are earning million of dollars. If you want thousands for dollar then YouTube is one of the best platform for you to earn money.

You can run a YouTube channel with or without your face and you can earn good amount of Money. YouTube give you Money,fame,brand value, sponsor and Help you in future. If you are a student then you can do YouTube as a part time.

But after gaining good amount of Subscriber then you can do YouTube as a full time like MrBeast, PewDiePie etc.


Blogging is like a content writing. If you have a Skill of writing article then you can easily earn lot’s of Money from blog by monetizing it. Lot’s of people working Blogging for others and they earn good amount of Money. If you want to be a blogger then you have a Skill of writing article in any language.

If you write quality posts on your blog then you can easily monetized your website. Quality post help you to rank in first on Google.

For a blogging, you can use blogging without Money though blogger. But if you have 30$ to 50$ then you can use WordPress by choosing a domain and hosting. But if you are new and want to be a blogger then you have to go for blogger. (


In this article we have talk about 8 Ways to earn money online in student life. If you are a student and want to earn good amount of Money. Then, you have to read this article. In this article, you have 8 ways to earn money. If you have Skill then you can earn good amount of Money.

According to me, if you are a student then first focus on Learning Skill rather than earn. First learn then you can easily earn.learnig is the god of skill. Don’t take a Middle Skills try to be experienced In any skills which help you in future.

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