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What Is Blogging ? Definition, Pros & Cons Of Blogging & Blogger

What Is Blogging ?

Blogging is the process/passion/interest which implies creating articles, videos, photo, symbol and other forms of content publishing on a website. It’s inluded lots of things like symbol, emoji, Characters, letter, photo, etc.

Pros and cons of blogging :

Nowadays, total number of blogs reaches more than 650 million, there are lots of benefit of doing blog. You can earn money through blogging and you can Earn money with fame.

The pros of blogging are as follows:

a. Ranking optimization

To Rank Your Blog or article you have to focus on Quality Content rather than quantity. Quality post and Good SEO of a article help it to Rank in first page.if you have a good Skill in SEO then you can easily rank your post in Google at first page.

b. Good relationships/Communication with your audience

Everything things need good relationship and communication in every field. If you want to be influencer then your first god will be your audience. So more respect and good Content Is the respect of your Audience. So always make a good relationship and communication with your audience. If your one customer/audience is happy then they help you to generate more audience.

How does blogging work ?

Blogging Is a process of article. Blogging simply means a website where you have to add / buy a domain and hosting to launch your website. Nowadays, more than 650 million + blogs in this world. Blogging is a good source of income and implement your Skill and your Concepts among people.

To Launch a Website you have to buy a domain and hosting. Actually, blogging works on many things like seo, quality content, user interface theme, customization and many more.

If you are beginners in website area then you have to first focus on learning like customizing theme, How to make website and many more.

If you are thinking about to start new blog then you have to Learn some steps before start blog .

Choose A Niche

Before starting any blogs you have to focus on a good niche I’m which you’re interested like tech, news, gadgets, etc.Then, you have to Focus and research on that category to provide a good quality content.

Pick a catchy & Simple name for your blog/website

To Target your audience you have to choose an easy name which relates your website category. So you have to choose simple name like techysharp, tech…. Etc. Easy and Catchy name help your audience to remember about your website.

Select a unique design

Google focus on various things. But a good design and best customization helps to rank your website and Provide Good Vibes to your audience and they wait on your website. If your theme amd design are good they are waiting on your website which help to rank your post in first rank on Google.

Write your first blog post

Once you decide about your blog content and category. Then, you have to post your first article. If you haven’t any idea about How to write article then you can See others article on Google which is related to your content.

Promote your blogs through different platform

Promoting your blog is not a big things. If you have a good amount of audience on any social media platform then you can easily promote your Blog. You can use Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and many Social Media to Promote your website in your audience. It help you to get your audience on your site. You can put your blog link in Instagram story or in bio , you can post blog on your Facebook to get your audience on your post.

Optimize & update your content

When your blog post is published, you have to be wise and Focus on various things it’s meta data, SEO, description, keywords, length and many more things. OPTIMIZE your content helps you to gain more audience and its help you to rank your post in Google. So quality matter on every social media to rank and go viral.

How to make money Through blogging :-

If you are a blogger and if you have a good traffic on your website then you can easily generate lots of Money through it. So, if you have a audience then let’s talk about how we earn through blog. There are lots of way to earn but i explained here only 4 ways to generate good amount of money.

a. Conduct course & workshop

If you are a blogger and if you have a good traffic on your website then you can easily generate lots of Money through it. You can Make your own blogging course. You can add workshop. You can Make a blogging training or classes to earn money. Where people paid you to learn about blogging.

b. Sell Book & Courses

If you can make your own course / Books then, you can easily sell your Blogging Books or course to the custom to earn money. Lots of Blogger sell their course and sell book and they generate good amount of money. Many of my friends also made their course and they generate lots of money by selling their course / Book.

c. Create sponsored post

If you have a good amount of Audience on your website then you can easily earn more money from sponsored post than Adsense. Audience pays off less money but if you sponsored someone’s post or any products then you earn good amount of money by promoting their website, content or products.

d. Doing affiliate marketing

Nowadays, people earn millions of dollars through affiliate marketing. Listen, affiliate marketing is a process where you can promote any things like website, post, products, courses, etc. If you are doing affiliate marketing though website then you have more chance to generate your sell and can earn money.

Lots of website and Organization hire people who have website and Those people who are interested in affiliate marketing where they can generate sell the things of the organization. Lots of Blogger doing affiliate marketing through their website.


The main aim of this article is to give some ideas and some technique about blogging. Nowadays blogging have too much craze. So if you are already this article twice then you can easily start your own blog. If you are a student and you are interested in doing blog and if you are interested in writing Blog / article then you can do blogging and earn good amount of money.

I requested you if you are a student then you have to start blogging to earn some extra Pocket Money. Hope you like this article.And if you want to know YOUTUBE & TIKTOK algorithm Then, Read another article.

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