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How To Get First 1000 Subscribers On YouTube in 2022

Nowadays, YouTube is one of the biggest platform on social media and the total user of YouTube is more than 10 billion. according To Wikipedia, YouTube have more than 2 billion active users.The YouTube Premium & Music together have more than 50 million+ subscribers in the world.

People around the world watch Content over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos per day and the total users of YouTube is 10 billion + .the biggest benefit for influencer, marketer and business. YouTube help them to generate their sale and earn more money.

many people will think that getting 1,000 subscribers on YouTube is big things. But you if you understand the algorithm of YouTube then you can easily get your first 1000 subscribers. So in this blog, I will tell you 5 major points to get your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube, so if you are interested to get first 1000 subscribers on YouTube. please read this article carefully.

for whom YOU made this video

So listen when you plan/make a video on any topic like tech, unbxoing, gaming and so on but first of all you should have to know about ….

For whom you make this video if you don’t understand your video category and your potential audience then you will never grow.

But Techy What is actually a potential audience …… So potential audience means those viewer who want your content for example If You are uploading videos related “How To Get First 1000 Subscriber” then the audience who are interested in watching YouTube tips is your potential audience,

In simple language ” potential Audience ” means, Your active audience or interested audience which is interested in your Category like it’s make be gaming,vlogs,tech unboxing and many more.

When you got your potential audience then your every video can get same views on every video and have more chance to get viral because potential audience helps to watch your video without any skip or without any cut so there is more chance to getting more audience retantion because those people who are interested in your topic then its 100% sure that they can easily watch your video till the end so it may affect to make your video viral because according to YouTube algorithm audience retantion is the main factor to make your video viral and What in sale audience helps you to achieved it.

And if you want to find / know your potential audience then don’t miss point No.3

But listen if you miss point No.2 then none of this video will make sense at all so first you should have to Understand the point number 2..


Actually i was feel this things on my another channel like when your some video will go viral then when you upload new video then that video have also more chance to get viral or gaining more views because when a user watches more and more videos from the same category, the YouTube algorithm makes sure to add more of the same videos to their feeds.

So, naturally, this makes your more videos get viral.But first of all we should have to viral one video at least yeah you are right but for viral the video you have to understand point number 3.

Packing Your Product

If you want to get viral on YouTube you should have to packing your product product….. ???? Wait On YouTube, your product is you thumbnail and title first For Example if your package of product was bad or it’s not look like attractive then Will you click on this video then the answer is BIG NO

Like that , suppose i saw this video thumbnail but I don’t know what is in this video i only guess or judge this video by it’s thumbnail and title like #” how to get free Subscribers ” like that so no one know about what’s under your video but everyone know what’s in your thumbnail and the topic so In starting phase your main goal and work is your Thumbnail.

According To human Brain ” those things which are looking good & attractive = more sale same like that you also have to apply this technique to provide best to your audience.

Delivered That products to potential Audience

actually when you make a product and when you packing the products now they don’t know how to deliver that product. to get your first 1000 Subscribers on YouTube you should have to find your potential audience which is interested in YouTube category. and when you are new on YouTube then may be you don’t have any idea like how we find our potential audience and how we know that which Will be my potential audience.

But in this condition you have to use your social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Sometime using Instagram not for liking others photos & video. sometime it helps you to find your potential audience.

Find & delivered Your Products to potential Audience

For delivering you product, simply you have to any social media like Instagram and when you open it you have to Focus on A Big Creator Like For Example You can Choose them by category :

  1. Unboxing= Marques brownlee, mrwhosetheboss
  2. Yt Tips = Vidiq, tubebuddy
  3. Experiment = markrober, mrgear
  4. Vlog = Mrbeast

hoosing your creator you have to search there name on Instagram and after search you have to focus on their followers.You have to click on followers open and start messaging them.

You have to message them “hi im …(your name) this is my new video link which is related with (video title) and please watch this video if your are interested in this category and after watching it please give me some feedback about it that where I’m doing wrong ) mistake.


The main motive of this article is to give some ideas and some Tricks to get your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube. If you are a YouTuber and want to a YouTuber then read this article twice to get full knowledge about this article. In this article you know 5 Strong ways to get your first 1000 subscribers. So hope you’ll also apply this trick to get your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube. Hope you like this article. Thanks For Reading.

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