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Hey guys, all instagram users has dream that they have many followers and likes on their posts,views on reels but they do not get and you are also in that counting that’s why you are here.

From the journey of 100 to 1k followers is very tough because it takes a lot of time to gain that achievement and all can not invest their time in it. But we are telling you about the best website which provides you free and real Instagram followers also likes and many other service.


In this article, we are telling you about the best and safest website to get real Instagram Followers. Read the full article carefully otherwise you will not get any result and your time will be wasted. This is an online web which gives you free instagram followers and likes and many other services like Instagram followers for free, Auto free Instagram likes, Unlimited free Instagram views video, Free Instagram Save, Get a lot of free Instagram Comment.

The surprising thing is that this site provides you free of cost service without doing any follow to follow or any clicks on ads. And first you have to login in this site to get free real insta followers. And you have to login using your fake Instagram account because it could get banned and this chance is 100% to get banned but do not worry it will not harm your real Instagram account

But in this article we have covered the topic instagram followers, so we go for followers so just tap on it.just like this the site will open There are 3 boxes given . I tell you where you have what to write Just on first one you have to write your instagram real account username and Second box you have to write how much followers you want.

how much time it take to get followers?

In my case it has not taken any time, I have just opened my account and there is notification that this one has started following you or any other. In your case any problem occurs so you have to just just go your real Instagram account And you have to wait just for 5 minutes to get followers.

After successfully getting followers you can use it unlimited to get free followers. If you get any problem in getting followers you have to just comment on our article. We help you to get followers.

is igtok free ?

Yes it’s 100% free but if you want to buy then I can buy followers too. It’s one of the best website of 2022 From where your account will also dafe as well as it’s free. So if you want to increase followers then you can use it.

Open the website

First of all you should have to enter in this website and after that you can see the website is totally open now but you will get lots of options here.

I know many of you are thinking that what is the website but don’t worry my recommendation is first read this article and understand how to use this website then you will get the website link easily so first try to understand how to use this website.

click on 3 line

After that you can see there is an option of three line in right side so simple you have to click on it and after that. You can see there are lots of options like Instagram TikTok and many more. So you should have decide what you want to increase.

If you want to increase Instagram followers click on Instagram but if you want to increase TikTok followers then click on TikTok option.

what you want?

If you want to increase tiktok followers or Instagram followers simply have to click on it and after that you can see There is three options first is TikTok likes, TikTok views and TikTok followers. So you have to decide what to want to increase if you want like click on like if you want to increase followers then click on TikTok followers option.

Put Your Username

After click on TikTok followers option or Instagram followers option you have to put your username on which you want to increase followers. After putting username simply you have to click on send and after that.

Wait For 100%

After putting the user name and click on send you will see there is something loading First there is 0% after that you have to wait until it’s completed 100%.

After that you have to wait at least 5 minutes then some free followers will be send on your account.

Go To Website

After reading all these things Now let’s talk about how to get the link of that website. You can see there is a pop-up timer of 20 second so you have to wait at least 20 second.

Download Now

After waiting 20 second you can see there is a option of download now in red color. so simple you have to click on it and then you will redirect on another website.


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