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How To Buy Hosting From Hostinger In 2022

Hello and what’s Buddy in this article we will talk about how to buy hosting from hostinger. lots of people want to buy but they are confusing that’s how we buy hosting from hostinger that’s why in this article we will learn how to buy the hosting from hostinger.

Nowadays Blogging have their own trends. Lot’s of people want to start their website. Lot’s of people who are interested to Write article but they don’t know how to buy hosting in cheap price. So, if you are also one of them then read this article you’ll get the answer that how to buy the hosting, what is web hosting ? So let’s start.

1. What Is Web Hosting?

First of all, we have to know what is web hosting. So in simple language, web hosting is the store where our all data of website are stored. Suppose, if we want to store any data like movie, song, photo videos then we use pendrive to store. Web hosting store our article, post, image & Video on the website. Like we write on a website and the article which is store on WordPress is called the web hosting. Hope you understand that what is web hosting. Now let’s talk about second point.

2. How Hosting Works?

There are lots of company which sell the web hosting. There are some good companies and some bad companies. Good companies give you a fresh hosting in cheap price and the bad companies give you hosting in high price. Before buying the domain or hosting we need to know which company’s domain and hosting are good. If you go for some bad companies then they just sell their hosting in high price. So you should have to know which company’s hosting is good. Now let’s talk about another point that is types of web hosting.

3. Types Of Web Hosting

As you also know, nowadays internet Capture their place in huge. There are various kind of web hosting. But the some famous website name are pointed below.





Now let’s talk about the another point that is “how to buy hosting from hostinger”

4. How to buy hosting from hostinger?

If you have any questions that which hosting provider is good then my answer will be hostinger. Hostinger have more than 29 million users. Having 29 million user is like a universe for their owners. People are trusting on Hostinger because of their fast service and cheap rate. They have huge traffic because it provide Hosting and domain in cheap price, it’s customer service are fast, they chat with the customer directly to solve their problem. So, my recommendation is always Hostinger. Now let’s know how to buy hosting from the hostinger.

I. Go To Official Hostinger Website

If you want to buy Hosting then simply you have to open any browser like Google, chrome or Safari browser then simply search here and after search the name you’ll get redirected to the official website. But before that, you have to check their domain name which should be .com in last. After that you can even create or sign up an account or you can just go for buying the hosting.


When you enter on the hostinger website you’ll get Lots of options and just below you will get All-In-One Web Hosting where you can buy hosting in cheap price. There are 3 kinds of hosting on Hostinger single web hosting, premium web hosting ans business web hosting. So you have to decide what you want to run on the website. If you just run a blog then you can go for premium web hosting and Id you want to run business website then go for business web hosting. Just below you can see the price of web hosting.

Hostinger Hosting Plan

Single web hosting($1.06/mo)

premium web hosting($2.37/mo)

Business web hosting($3.65/mo)

Igyou want to run your Personal website where you want to post article some information and your hobbies and some ideas. Then my Suggestion will be go for single web hosting. Single web hosting is good for the website you can run the website very good. No any companies will give you hosting on cheap price like hostinger.


After choosing the plan, you have to choose the web hosting duration there is many options you can choose for 1 month, 3 months , 6 months, 1 year and 2/3 years. If you don’t have money you can choose for 1 month also. After choosing The duration you will get the checkout option. Simply you have to paid the money for buying the web hosting or Domain. After it you have to create an account.


When you choose the web hosting plan and duration you have to create an account. You Can create account through Facebook, Google and GitHub. Nowadays, everyone have Gmail and Facebook you can choose any way to create the account. After creating the account there is an option of thank you.


When you create an account then you have to paid the hosting money. Simply you have to click on Checkout after clicked on it you have to paid money through different ways like you can paid through phone pay, paytm, PayPal and credit card. You have to decide which method you use to paid the amount. Your order will be completed in 5 second after the payment.


After buying the web hosting you can check that your Web Hosting are placed or not. If you buy domain then you can click on three line then you’ll get there is an option of Domain you can click on it and if you want check the hosting plan then you can click on hosting plan. So this is way where you can check your plan.


Thanks For Reading This Article. I Hope you understand now that how to buy Hosting From Hostinger. If you have any questions regarding this article. You can just comment I’ll reply your comment as soon as possible.

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