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How TikTok Algorithm Works In 2022

If you understand the algorithm of tiktok, you can easily push your video in for you page it’s that kind of place where you got your new audience which help you to grow on tikTok. the things we have to know about the algorithm of social media.if you use any social media you have to know about that social media algorithm and how it works. Suppose, if you are work on YouTube then you have to know about the YouTube algorithm and if you works on tiktok you should have to know about the algorithm of tiktok so in this article we’ll talk about how TikTok algorithm works in 2022.

What Is The Tiktok Algorithm ?

The TikTok algorithm is a recommendation Process that will determines which videos will appear on your For You page or in other’s for you page.

Here’s how TikTok ownself define the TikTok Algorithm And For You page algorithm:

A content of videos works on your interests, making it easy to find the content ” if you are interested in Comedy and you watched more videos related to Comedy then tiktok algorithm show videos related to comedy.

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How does the TikTok algorithm work?

Actually every social media algorithm works on different points and services same like tiktok also works on different point.

But the things you have to know about the tiktok algorithm will be explained below in this article and in this article I will explain you every little things which is help you to know and understand the algorithm of tik Tok.


Much like every social media works on same strategy in the case of Instagram, suppose if you posted a photo then Instagram want to reach out that photo who is interested in your content.

For example, Instagram send your post to the potential audience but they are not interested like if they not like your photo or react on your photo or comment on your photo or save your photo. then Instagram algorithm thinks that this post is not necessary or maybe people are not interested in your content then they start decreasing your reach.


Before posting any video on tik Tok you should have to do SEO of that video. Tik Tok have not too much setting but some things you have to do before posting a video on tiktok.

This can include details like:

Catchy Captions


Trending Hashtags


Trending topics.

3. First Expression Is The Last Impression

TikTok moves fast better than others social media. This is not the platform that you have to add an intro.But the hook for your video (first 5 second) needs to inspire viewers to stop scrolling.

Tiktok algorithm first works on audience attention much more audience returns and helps to boost Your video in 4 you page and it will help to make a video viral.

Maybe you listen that ” FIRST IMPRESSION IS always the LAST IMPRESSION ” so if TikTok algorithm send your video in for you page and someone watch your video without scrolling then they will come to your profile and start watching more video. and tiktok algorithm thinks that this video is really good for other audience also. so they start sharing your video in other’s people for you page. that’s why ” FIRST IMPRESSION SHOULD BE MUCH BETTER THAN THE LAST IMPRESSION.”

4. Write an engaging caption

You only get 100 characters for your TikTok caption, including hashtags, emoji and mention. And it’s not less 100 character is too much to make your video viral there are lots of things you have to add in caption to engage with audience and they are interested to read your caption and it will help to people was your video full without any scroll.

For a good and proper caps and you should have to use these things :-

Emoji :- Fire , reaction, love, sad

#Hashtags :- #foryoupage #fyp #viral #trending

Mention :- mention of big creator which have more followers like you can mention MrBeast, khaby.lame, charlie demalio, etc.

5. Create High-quality Videos Specifically For Tiktok

If you want to viral on any social media you have to create quality content rather than quantity and yoy have listen that “Quality Content Is More Better Than Quantity Content.

“For making of good video you should have to focus on editing of your video try to add some caption on your video. You have to shoot a video for tik Tok in 9 : 26 ratio in vertically it will helps people engaging more on your video or on your content.

Try to use trending song and every month and every weeks there is something trending on tiktok like sometimes viral dialogues and sometimes viral songs or any poetry. so you should have to find or know about trending that’s why you should have to be active want TikTok.

To know about the trending you have two things if you scroll in for you page and lots of video show on same topic or same song. Then, you should have to realise that why this video show more time in for you page and it helps you to know that this video is may be in trending that time.

6. post at the right time for your audience

Actually there is no time on any social media platform but you have to focus or you have to target on which country is your targeted orders if your targeted audience is European countries then you have to post videos where people are active in Europe but if your targeted audience is Asian countries then you should have to find what is the best times or what is the time where people are more active in Asian countries.Excellent algorithm not depend upon time. Your content will defend if your content is quality content and good container then there is no time better if you video is good then absolutely it will make viral.7. Use the right hashtagsA couple of types of hashtags and trending hashtags can help to boost your content in the TikTok for you page.For You page hashtagsTags like #fyp, #foryou, and #foryoupage are mainly used to try .Full finding the trending hashtag simply you have to open your tiktok application and you can see it just below there is an option of discover so you have to click on discover option and then you will see there are lots of hashtag which have billon of views & millions of views. so you have to target that #hashtags which have more views like 1 billion hundred million and many more.

8. Use Trending Sounds And Music

Trending song is really best things to make your video viral because suppose it’s February then February have another trend then next month march it have another trend. so, there are lots of things are trending in different time like sometimes some video are in trending hastag are in trending but sometimes songs are also in trending.

So, you have to find the trending songsFor finding the trending song when you open your TikTok account and when you scroll up then you will have to notice that which song repeated more times.

Suppose, You saw 50 videos But out of 50 Ten(10) songs are similar than you have to think that why this song repeated more times? it means this song is maybe in trending. so, you have to make video on that song then there is more chance to make a video viral.

Conclusion :

So the main moto of this article is just to know about the tikTok algorithm. many people don’t know about TikTok algorithm but when you read this article without scrolling then you will easily understand that “how to talk algorithm works”. Hope you like this article and you read this article. so if you also want to know about The TikTok algorithm then please read this article twice.

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