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About Emblica And It’s Medical Property & Uses

It is a 15m tall deciduous type of tree.Its is of 1.5-3m diameter with 6 clear segments separated by lines. Fruit is sour in test. It flowers at Baisakh-Asar while fruit matures at November-january . Its Scientific Name is Phyllanthus emblica


Naturally it can be cultivated in I 150-1700 Masala in eastern, centre and western regions of Nepal.

Varieties: Banarsi, Francis, Chakaiya, Krishna, Manchan, Hatijhuk


The emblica is subtropical rather than strictly tropical. It flourishes from sea level up you an altitude of 5000 ft(1800m).Mature tree can stand temperature upto 45°c in the summer but Young plants must be shaded


The emblica seems to grow equally well under both dry hand humid conditions. For maximum productivity the tree requires deep soil ranging from Sandy loam to clay , light or heavy and PH 5.5 to 7.5 . Good drainage is essential . A low degree of salinity seems to be fairly well tolerated.


It can be propagated from seed, cutting, budding,and grafting. The extracted seeds are deserve in water if the seed is shrink then the srinked seed is not germinate if the seed is fully deserve then the deserved is 100% germinate.seedlings will have a stem diameter of 1\3 in (8mm) and can be budded on grafted from june to September and in February and March in India.The for kert and patch technique have given 85% to 100% success.


R-R: 6m

P-P: 6m


Planting is done in well prepared holes of 1.1.1m enriched with a composted manure and soil mixture,and well – watered. They usually begin to bear when 5 to 6years o and it is fruiting at average 50 to 55 Years


There are no standard practices for fertilizing the emblica but 28-42 hm of nitrogen per tree is applied at age of ten year of plant . After 10 years the amount of nitrogen should be increased and also the amount of potash should be added . Half of the fertilizer should be applied after fruit set – and the bearing time of trees.


The branch or bittle and judicious pruning to develop a strong framework is adviocoted to avoid branch broken from heavy load of fruit. It gives the good shape and size of plant . It protect the plant from wind. It make the plant easy to carry the load of fruit.


Emblica is harvested at Mangsir to Poush . It is harvested by one bye one plucking. It is also harvested by cutting of branch . If we harvested this fruit then following precautions should be done . Cutting branch is prefer of tip hearing of fruits . Less amount of fruit developed in late blooms in summer and fall. The fruit is ready to fall and gather from land these are all ready

fallen and take them to the market. They are handling well. Harvesting of fruit should as desire of man . Young fruit should be should be use for making pickle . Harvesting work should be done at proper time other wise yield of fruit should be reduced . And the taste should be not found . So there is a considerable difference in the productivity of seedlings and cultivator.


12 _ 40 kg per plant. Yield is also depend what amount of fertilizer should be use . Pruning also determine the quantity and quality of fruit .


The most common pest of this tree is bark eating caterpillar. Which tunnels into the branch and trunk. A secondary enemy produce shoot galls. It is evidence by internal browning which gardually extends to the surface where dark spot become corky and gummy.

It is controlled by monthly spray of borax in September and October . Fresh emblica on the market or in the storage are subject to blue mould and rotten. It is treated by very dil.bormax sodium chloride solution help Such problem. Emblic preserve on the market have been found contaminated of yeast and bectria .

Pre _ processing treatment with 0.01% sulphur dioxide or sodium benzoate keeping quality. If keeping quality should be not mentioned then the market price of fruit is low . And the real taste of fruit should be not found when it not handling well. To avoid the attract of pets and disease , we should following intercultural operation should be done.

Indian gooseberry isolated on white background

uses of Emblica Tree Parts

FRUIT : the dried fruit yield ink and hair dye and having detergent properties. It is also use as shampoo. A fixed oil derived from fruit acts as a hair stress and use in the sampoo . This oil is main ingredient in Amala container.

BARK : The bark is use to make the lather and paper. It also use to make the medicine.

LEAVES : The leaves is also use as fodder for cattle . It is also use for preparation of green manure. They are said to correct excessively alkaline soil.

WOODS : The hard but flexible red Wood , through highly subject to warping and splitting , is used for Minor construction. It is also use to make the different kind of furniture. Furniture are make of this wood is attractive in natural color. It is also use to make the ordaniy pipes .

Medical Property

The emblic is great important , but in treatment of different type of illness. Especially associated with the digestive organs. For such a use fruit juice is prepared in the form sherbet or is prescribed in jaundice and cough.

The dried chips flesh are dispensed and often are mixed with grape juice and Honey for dosage.The fruit is considered diuretic and laxalive. A decoction of emblic with terminaliachebula retz and T bellerica Roxb is given for chronic dysentery , enlarged liver and other disorder.

A power prepared from dried fruit is an effective bronchial gland. The juice that exudes when the fruit is scored while still in the tree is valued an eye wash and application of inflamed rays.An infusion made by steeping dred fruit overnight water also servers as eye wash.A liquor made from fermented fruit is prescribed as a treatment for anemia , jaundice ,some cardiac problem, basal congestion and retention of urine.

Emblic lives are taken for the digestion problem . The milk sap of tree applied on foul sors . The juice of fresh bark is mixed with honey and turmeric and given in the case of gonorrhea. The seed of emblic is use to cure the skin infection.we should use to make the different kind of gel for control the skin infection.


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