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8 Ways To Get Organically Instagram Followers | Lucky Followers

Nowadays, we can’t tell that Instagram is small social media profile. in the past numbers of Instagram user is very less or very low but nowadays in 2022, Instagram have billions of user on their platform. people are not using Instagram for entertaining they use Instagram for promoting some product to analyse something and provide some news and many more.

According to Wikipedia, people are not using Instagram to waste their time they use Instagram for connecting with people and make a connection with other people Instagram have a platform where people sharing For spreading their knowledge and we are getting it.If your Instagram presence is not good for if your follower is fake then you have to getting real, organic followers on Instagram. The larger your audience grows, the more chance you have to engage with users and create unique post and gaining experiences for them.

There are lots of benefit if you have real followers. But If your follower is real organic then there is more chance that you got sponsorship to earn money but if your follower is fake and not real then you won’t earn from Instagram so the first lesson oor the first things you have to learn that try to getting organic and real followers.

So in this article I will tell you 7 basic steps to getting real and organic followers.

1.Optimize Your Instagram Account

Before you follow stpes you have to know, how to gain followers on Instagram, raipur game audience Ariel memories about your Instagram profile.W

ithout a bio, proper username or profile picture or image caption or without any website link or any link people don’t know that you are belongs to your Brand. maybe they think that you are noob and they think that you don’t know anything about Instagram so it avoid your customer.

Some basic things you have to put in your Instagram profile that is what’s your category of your Instagram profile and what things you provided on your Instagram you have to write in bio and you should have to put a good profile picture about your Instagram category. You should always have to put that photo on profile picture which is related to your Instagram category suppose your Instagram categories related to Tech you have to put profile photos related to tech which helps to connect with your audience.

2. Keep A Consistent Content

The worst things you do on Instagram that is you have lack of consistency suppose today you posted 1 photos but another day you post 1 photos and the day after tomorrow you post 0 photos and after the break of one week you again start to post photo and it will definitely decrease your audience and your customer. First call you should have to give a target to yourself that how many post you have to to post per day and how many post you have to post in a week.

Every big user on Instagram have a regularity and consistency they make a calendar to put some things on that day and put some things in a week or in a month and it will call for consistency because if your consistency is not a stronger and for target is not a stronger you ever and never grow out any media like Instagram YouTube and many more.

3. Schedule Instagram posts in advance

Instagram algorithm works on various points and various things suppose you just put w photo and and start posting It everyday then it may not work on Instagram algorithm you have to play with Instagram algorithm suppose you post direct photo on instagram without any tags another day you post on Instagram with full of caption and a good photo it may broke algorithm and after a week if you post a photos or any post in schedule then there is more chance to give boost to your post.

Posting of photos or post in schedule is new feature on Instagram this feature works when many peoples are busy on their works if you are outside your home and if you don’t have time to post the you can easily make it on schedule then when you put the time the post will automatically uploaded and it will have many busy user to make them consistency on Instagram.

4. Get Partners And Brand

Suppose you got your Instagram follower real and organic promotion then people will message you on Instagram or they want to talk with you on Instagram to promote their post, product, page and many more things..After you getting viral on Instagram and your followers and your customer on Instagram is good and a real then you can hire a people to work with you they will help you to make your Instagram more reach and help you to boost Your Instagram profile.

If you cant work on Instagram in your busy schedule then you can hire a people to work with you but if you have time and you are just feeling lazy and hiring a people then It’s not good it’s just about wasting your money so you don’t have to depend upon any other people first you have to learn then you can easily earn

5. Avoid fake Instagram followers

There is a big difference on Instagram having real and fake followers increasing fake followers by using any third party website or application to just show that I have too much followers than you i have millions of follower on my Instagram and if you are just open Instagram account to show then is not good for you. Instagram take time to get real and organic follower but the real and organic followers you earn on Instagram is really help you in future to earn millions of dollars.

Fake followers will really broke your heart in future too fast is very interesting and it’s making proud suppose you got 10,000 Instagram followers tell me how many people will like aur comment on a pose then the answer is zero so you have to decide how much time you have to wait on Instagram if you you are on Instagram to make a big future and brand future then keep hustel to gaining real and organic followers but if you are just wasting your time then you can use third party application or any website to get fake followers But in my opinion you have to get real and organic followers to doing something big in future.

6. Post content followers want

Suppose you get 1000 follower real and organic you have to think here or you have to post to photos related to your followers interest you have to to learn feeling of your audience and what types of post they want.Once you know in desktop here audience the new first housing will help you to make a Instagram in 100,000 followers So the things you have to know that find your audience interest to blow off your Instagram profile.

7. know the index

The best things or way you have to know that. According to the 2021, Sprout Social Index, consumers want to engaged with first content like photos (68%) and video (50%), followed by 30% who want to engage with text post.

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So, the best things on Instagram is to engage with people to run your business.Our Index Team research also showed 89% of consumers will buy from a brand after following on social, so it’s very important to be active on social media and try to connect with customer.

8. Find hashtags

The main things on Instagram to blow off your post how to make viral your post is the good #you have to find those #which is related to your post if your hashtag is related to technology for example, #techcare #technology #technologyworld #techybrand This has taken help you to raise out your post in more customer or more audience.If you don’t know about hastag then if you search some # you will see there are billion of post available and there are millions of people used that hashtag so {hashtag} will help you to give you more post.


So the main things of this article is you have to increase real and organic forward and you have to work on Instagram for real inorganic forever to help you win user Hope you will get all my points and if you also want to be a Instagram influencer then you have to focus on real followers rather than check colors I hope you like this article.

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