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9+ Interesting Facebook Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

Facebook is a social networking website that has revolutionized the way people communicate. Many people use this site for personal and business purposes, and it’s become a global phenomenon.

It’s no wonder everyone loves it – Facebook allows users to connect with friends, family, and colleagues quickly and conveniently. Facebook is the most popular social networking site, with 2.91 billion monthly users (or 36.8% of the world’s population).


There are several ways to reach your target audience on Facebook, where the typical user spends 19.6 hours each month. But there is stiff competition, and organic reach is declining.

Reaching your target audience these days requires more than just exciting content. Below are nine of the most engaging Facebook tips and tricks we’ve put together.


1. Make Facebook Post Attractive

If you use Facebook, you must post there daily, describing your daily activities or your most good photo. Everyone publishes on Facebook, but if you include some text and make it friendly, your post’s chances of receiving more likes will rise.

You may utilize the internet to make the content appealing because several online tools can improve the appeal of your writing. One such tool is the Cool Fancy Tax Generator.

This tool will modify the font and provide an appealing font if you paste any text into it. Facebook users may produce attractive posts with the aid of this application.

2. Simple Facebook Data Download

Many Facebook users are businesspeople who frequently use the social media platform for critical work or significant deals. All of your crucial information will be lost if, for any reason, your Facebook account is deactivated. If you do not know how to download your Facebook account data, you may be among the many people who download their Facebook data in advance today.

Facebook Data Download

● First, visit Facebook Settings

● Before visiting Your Facebook Information to do that. Click Download Your Information to continue.

● Then, choose the data you want to download, and it will begin downloading.

● You can download the information from your comments, chats, posts, etc., in this. You may find a use for this feature as well. This feature needs to be known by Facebook users.

3. Mute Facebook Chat Group Conversion

On Facebook, we frequently join chat groups or have friends add us to them, and the conversations in those groups can be annoying. Therefore, you can use the Facebook feature to mute it. It’s elementary. Additionally, we have been added to many Facebook chat groups that we don’t feel like leaving, so you might be wondering what I should do. Muting group chat is the answer to this issue.

To Convert A Chat Group To Mute Mode

● You must download and launch the Facebook Lite application.

● Open the chat where you want to mute the conversation, then.

● Click the Settings option that is located on the top side of the page.

● You will be given a choice after clicking; select the Mute Conversion Option.

04. Disable the auto-play of videos on Facebook

When we open Facebook, any videos that appear in front of us begin playing automatically. Many people struggle with this issue. Even though it is elementary, they frequently do not know how to stop Facebook AutoPlay Videos. We experience issues and high internet costs due to Facebook AutoPlay Videos. Even the quality of Facebook AutoPlay videos is unknown to us as the internet disappears.

To Resolve This Issue

● Facebook AutoPlay Videos should be disabled.

● You can find the video option there by going to Facebook Settings.

● To disable the Facebook autoplay video, click on it.

● The autoplay video will function properly if you do this.

5. Make separate groups of people you’re friends with

To sort through what everyone is talking about in your News Feed, it can be helpful to create separate groups. For instance, you might want to check out what your college friends are sharing or just what people from your hometown are sharing.
Facebook automatically compiles a list of friends based on shared affiliations, such as a familiar hometown or educational institution. On Facebook’s desktop website, you can access this page to see all of your friend lists and edit them. As a result, you can browse individual News Feeds on Facebook.

6. Post-Blank on Facebook (Trick)

If you use Facebook, you undoubtedly post a variety of content daily and are aware of this. On Facebook, we cannot post blanks, and many people are often unaware of the Create Blank Post Trick.

You will need a computer or laptop for this first. You must first click on Create Post because you will see more related options there. Following that, you must simultaneously type 0173 while holding down the ALT key on your laptop or computer and click the Post button. You will then notice that you posted a Blank on Facebook that is entirely blank.

7. Turn Off Birthday Notifications

Facebook frequently sends birthday notifications to let you know when it is celebrating. You will receive these birthday notifications throughout the day. Your Facebook account will undoubtedly receive more birthday notifications if you have more friends.

You can disable birthday notifications to prevent these. You must first visit Facebook’s settings, where you can select a notification option by clicking on it. As a result, you will be prompted to toggle birthday notifications on or off. From there, you can disable birthday notifications.

8. Download Facebook Lock Profile Photo

After the lock profile photo feature is introduced, Facebook users will be aware of this. Since then, it has become difficult for anyone to download and screenshot a profile photo.

Everybody’s Facebook account is frequently locked to prevent profile photo theft. If you want to download a friend’s locked profile picture, you can do so with the aid of the internet.

How? Numerous websites offer this service online. You must copy the link to the account whose profile photo you want to download to download the locked image.

9. Hide Facebook Posts For Certain People

We occasionally post a profile picture to Facebook that nobody likes, and you cannot remove it. Because if you upload your profile photo once, it remains online even if you later decide not to display it to anyone. You can conceal that profile photo in this scenario.

this function comes from facebook:

● When you select the third dot in the post,

● You can choose to hide photos.

● You can then make it so that only I can see the privacy.

If you select Only Me, only you will be able to see the photo; nobody else will be able to. This feature needs to be known to you.

10. On Facebook, hide Last Seen

This choice is comparable to other applications. If you want to keep the last scene of your Facebook chat private but are unsure how to do it, there are a few steps you need to take.

On Facebook, there are frequently lots of users. However, we haven’t seen him since, so we believe he’s gone. Since not everyone knows this feature, it is pretty popular on Facebook.

To Enable This Function:

● Open your Facebook account and select the chat option.

● You must then choose “Shut off Chat” from that menu.

● Your last seen look will end in this manner.

● The Facebook user ought to be aware of this feature as well.


Many people indeed use Facebook without knowing some tricks and shortcuts that can help them do certain things quickly. I think this article was quite helpful to you.

Share these tips on your Facebook wall because you will feel more confident after reading this article. You and your friends can enjoy a better experience on Facebook. You also have an option; you can comment below if you know of any other trick.

Which tips from above are the most helpful? I hope all of the tricks work for you; if any suggestions, we are ready for them. Could you share with us in the comment box?

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