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7 Best blogging Platforms of 2022 | Which is the best Blogging Platforms ?

Hello And wassup guys, in this article we’ll talk about the name of blogging Platforms. Lots if people are stillwater confuse that which blogging should we have to start. Lot’s of people are thinking to start their first blog. If you are also interested to start blogging and if you don’t have any idea that which blogging Platforms is best then read this article you’ll get your answer.

How to choose blogging Platforms ?

Before we choose a Blogging platform we have to know what should we have to see in a blogging Platforms. Before starting it you have to think or decide should my Blog Will set here or not ?

Not only that you have to even think that what type of blog we should have to use like what’s category, post etc.

When your traffic is increasing on your blog you have to change the logo designs and custom design of your blog ig you not change it then the visitor are even not interested to read your blog.

Some of the blogging Platforms are described below which is very popular in 2022. If you are ready to know then read this article carefully.

7 Best Famous Blogging Platforms in 2022

these are the famous blogging Platforms in 2022 for blogging.


WordPress is one of the best and Famous platform for Blogging. Out of 100% blogging 30% of blog are exist in WordPress is one of the free and open sources platform to use many Blogger Start their blogging journey through w WordPress.

If you want to be a professional Blogger in future then you should have to shift on WordPress because WordPress is one of the best platform for the Blogger.


• people are use it to control their business website, or eCommerce store and its content management system.

• WordPress is easy to monetized and it’s good sources of income•

• You can choose various theme and customize SEO tools to customize your blog

• many seo plugin freely available

• many user interface available freely


• it’s little difficult to learn how to make website in WordPress

• security and responsibilities should be yours


Actually WordPress is totally free but if you want to add hosting then you have to add which cost is about 30$.

2. is one of the best blogging Platforms for the Beginner. It is made by the founder of WordPress org whose name is Matt Mullenweg. is free to use you don’t need to spend money on can use it 100% free to use lots of people are using WordPress to make their blog and earn money.


• you don’t need to do any kinds of setup to use it.

• is totally free to use

• you can use your domain and hosting

• you Will get lots of seo and theme


• you will get lot’s of options to customize your blog

• limited theme to use

• limited plugin to use

• you don’t have right to post unwanted things

• You can’t earn Money if you don’t add hosting and domain.


You can use it free. If you want more features then you have to paid 4$ per month.

3. Gator by host gator

Gator is one of the most popular hosting provider company. It’s the web builder made by hostinger company.Actually, hostinger is One of the Best hosting platform but if you want to buy hosting from another website then gator is also good for hosting.


• you can customize your blog with drag and drop builder

• if you don’t have any idea how to make a website but if you need good hosting then hostinger give you good backup and security to your website.

• it provide free Ssl, security and responsibilities.


• it’s paid and if you use it and after some daya you face problem the it will give 45 days money back guarantee.

• it have less feature

• library are limited


It’s give you 1 month hosting in 3.85$.

4. Hubspot CMS Hub

It’s is a good free website builder platform. It provide a good service to their customers. It provide a good feature and customize option which make your website good.It’s provide a good theme, customization, Seo plugin and many more which helps your website to look better and customized.


• this website help to make website better.

• you can customize your Blog better.


t’s not free to use• you can’t make your e-commerce website through this website.PricingYou can get 14 days free trial which is totally free to use and then you have to paid 25$ for a month.

5. Tumblr

tumblr is a social media networking site you can use this for microniche blog. It’s the beginning and easy to use. Lot’s of beginners Start their journey from the Tumblr.


• its free platform to use and it Will provide a subdomain free

• you can easily connect it with premium domain also

• you can integrate social media• you can use this to add music, Audio, video and images.


• it gives limited feature

• you can change the theme but we can’t change the design and it’s not give you backup of your website.


It’s a good platform for the Blogger, journalist and the host it’s also the best platform like others.


• it’s easy to use

• you can use without any cost

• you can use it Without any cost

• you can build your community through it


• it’s hard to build the community

• it’s hard to customize blog.


Wix is a platform which help you to build and make your website. It’s good for medium and Small business.It’s worldwide famous and popular site to make your website better. Lot’s of people are using it to make their website.


• it’s give you a good experience

• you can easily drag and drop Editor to your website

• it’s easy to customize the website

• it’s easy to make the website better


• you can use it’s free version for limited or less

• it doesn’t have more features


Thanks for reading this article hope you like this article. If you have any further questions regarding this article then you can give us feedback in comment.

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